these are images from a new serie of seascapes I am working on since 2 years. the photographs were taken on the coast of north scotland at nighttime or before sunrise. all of these pictures are still available as large format prints in limited editions.

a small selection of a few landscapes/urban-landscpes-images from germany, italy, france and scotland (some still available as limited edition prints).

some architectur images in stark contrast to my commissioned work. including a small series of peculiar buildings: on page 3 my favorite: an old public toilet in portobello/edinburgh with a charmingly decotated side for ladies and on for gentlemen (see if you can find out which is which).

sad statues full of symbolism from the „covered bridge“ in strasbourg (le pont couvert de strasbourg - a depot for the original sculptures from the cathedral and other historic buildings). some still available as prints in limited editions.

a wild mix of images which I would declare as „beifang“ (bycatch) from commissioned work and other trips.